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Civil engineering

The civil engineering is the oldest working department of Slovan Progres company, which includes all kinds of civil engineering works following the “key-in-hand” system. To be able to perform all the civil engineering works, Slovan Progres fulfilled all conditions created by law in a sense of material and human resources. The working staff is professional and has all required licenses. The company also has a modern vehicle and machinery fleet. Beside this Slovan Progres doesn’t pollute its environment and protects the health and safety of its employees.


The company owns a working unit for concrete haberdashery production Slovan Progres owns a modern factory for concrete production, its own concrete mixer trucks and concrete pump trucks for transport and concrete mounting..


Slovan Prgores also provides certain agricultural services if they are self-production of field and vegetable crops, contract farming, purchase of agricultural products: wheat, corn, soybean, pepper, storage of grains and oilseeds rural pharmacies (selling all kinds of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and complete supplemental mixtures for all categories of domestic animals, premixes, components for animal feed, pet food and other items for use in agriculture.


Ourrestauran “Businessclub” has a gorgeous, warm and pleasant interior in which every detail right home radiates warmth. Original content and offers, impeccable service and positive energy do not leave anyone indifferent "Businessclub" has various first-class domestic and Slovak cuisine dominated by a variety of original dishes and cooked dishes, seafood and grilled specialties all.


With a view to the best products and the best prices, continually made ​​available to each customer developed local sales network that now includes 13 retail facilities, storage of building materials as well as gas station.