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The painting play a key role in the execution of the final works in construction, primarily because the colors affect our lives. When we enter a room, the first thing we notice are the colors and then the other forms present in a room. Also, it is proved that colors affect our psyche.

The painting works that Slovan Progres performs include the following works:

  • painting of the living and commercial spaces,
  • fairing and painting by the half-dispersion and dispersion in all hues
  • the high quality painting by the best smoothing masses, the wall grinding by the modern machines and the painting colors of the best quality in order to achieve extraordinary effects.
  • painting of the radiators, doors, windows, fences…
  • removing of the outdated paint and wallpapers
  • repairing of the wall and ceiling damages caused during some other works
  • demit facade making
  • troweled and other noble facade making
  • making of the special wall coverings like spatulats, marmorino (marble imitation) and other.

There are used all kinds of materials according to your wish, from half-dispersions to the most qualitative colors made by the renowned foreign producers.
The painting works are carried out clean, quality and in the shortest possible time.