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Business policy Slovan Progres

The quality of health and safety at work, and proper hygienic production, and environmental protection are an integral part of the business policy of Slovan Progres.

Permanent commitment to the business Slovan Progres is a:

  • to continuously improve the quality of services, products and overall business and to achieve such a competitive market, and that the ability to safely profit.
  • protection of a healthy environment, health and safety at work and protection of consumer health.

Business policy objectives will be achieved through the following principles:

  1. The company will offer its customers products and services of such quality that will meet customer requirements.
  2. Reducing operating costs, improved performance, efficiency and profitability with the constant motivation of employees.
  3. Constantly raising the awareness of quality, health and safety, environmental and consumer health protection are the basic principles of business Slovan progres on all levels of the company.
  4. Continuing education and staff training and raising the level of knowledge, culture, awareness and responsibility for the quality of activities. Training contractors for compliance with the principles of correct agricultural production is a priority objective "Slovan-progress"-a.
  5. Maximum protection of health and safety, and the protection of consumer health, the level of acceptable risk is a key commitment of the leadership "Slovan-progress"-which includes compliance with the statutory provisions that govern adopted through an integrated management system. Increased responsibility for the preservation of a healthy environment and a willingness to keep such a priority for our company.
  6. To the acquisition of new thnologija, raw materials, transportation, taking care of environmental protection, health and safety issues and consumer and that is the prime goal of organic farming and processing of raw materials into the final product was.
  7. Ongoing monitoring and review of the achieved level of quality products and services and their reliability and placing integrated management system so that it is still moving upward.
  8. Responsibility for the implementation of this policy is the obligation of all employees working in the company.
Slovan progress has following standards ISO 9001, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000.
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 18001